Sliding Glass Door Shutters: Las Vegas’s Elegant Alternative to Vertical Blinds

When it comes to finding the best window treatment for your sliding glass door in Las Vegas, plantation shutters are the perfect solution. Durable and exquisite, these sliding shutters have become the favored choice to outdated and delicate vertical blinds.

We carry plantation shutters in Las Vegas in two configurations, with respect to how much room is next to your sliding glass doors.

Sliding Shutters: Bypass Configuration

Sliding Glass Door Shutter In Las Vegas

Bypass shutters are composed of two or more sets of shutters which slide on a track above them. With the bypass configuration, one panel set moves in front of the other, letting you access your door. This configuration is great for areas where there is not a lot of space for shutters to go in front of the doors. They also work well in a room where there isn’t much room on next to the doors.

Sliding Shutters: Bifold Configuration

Bifold shutters consist of two sets of shutters that open by folding out from the center and are guided by a track along the top. With the bifold configuration, both sets of panels fold back to back, letting you have ultimate access to your glass door. This option is best for when the room’s view is a priority – and the shutters have space to be folded aside to optimize the view.

How Are Sliding Shutters Built?

We start by measuring the dimensions of each segment of your glass door. Then we note how much space there is next to the doors. This tells us whether a bypass or bifold configuration should be used. We go back to our office and order the hand-fashioned plantation shutters to fit those configurations. Using a combination of cutting-edge computer software and custom design templates based on the dimensions of your door, we design and construct the sliding glass door shutters ,adding the colors and finishes you hand-picked.

Our professional installers put up the sliding shutters on your sliding glass doors, double checking the louvers can open and that the panels are movable. This provides you with a better view and shutters that are easy to clean.

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