White polywood shutters in a corner of a dining room.

How To Cover Corner Windows In Las Vegas

March 28, 2022

Picking window treatments to go in your Las Vegas house appears straightforward. But some windows can be more difficult to dress, like when there are window panes that come together at a corner. If you want to cover corner windows in Las Vegas, window shades or custom-crafted plantation shutters work better than blinds or curtains. When made to fit your windows correctly, they look stylish and provide the coverage you need.

Gorgeous Louvered Shutters Completely Cover Corner Windows In Las Vegas

White polywood shutters in a corner of a living room 

You can have a few problems when you try to cover corner windows in Las Vegas. If you have a single window that extends to both sides of the corner, blinds on each side can’t quite meet together and will create a gap that lets the sun in in or catch on each other. If you have separate windows that nearly meet at a corner, you may not have for curtain panels in the corner.

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