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Select Wood Blinds In Las Vegas For The Ultimate In Hardwood Window Products

Light wood blinds in a modern living room

If you want to get hardwood blinds in Las Vegas, you are wise to install products of the highest quality. Our wood blinds are made with furniture-grade natural wood, which provides them with unique strength and appeal. Pick from 24 stain and color possibilities, and then customize your treatments with slat width, valence, and operating preferences.

Sunburst’s wood blinds will withstand everyday usage. Every installation is custom-tailored to your window's specific proportions, so they always hang right. Then the solid slats are covered with a UV blocker that resists fading or cracking from the sun's rays. With that being said, no blinds are quite as robust as our plantation shutters, but wood blinds are excellent choices for the family room, dining room, or bedroom.

Wood Blinds Options

up close shot of dark wooden blinds 

Get started by picking the color or stain of your wood blinds. Choose from 24 elegant finishes to mesh beautifully with your interior color scheme or customize to the existing hardwood flooring, furniture, or trim that you have in your residence. Then harmonize your other elements like valences and pull cords for a completely in-sync look.

Why Use Wood Blinds In Las Vegas

Wood blinds may be the simplest way to install an amazing window treatment in your Las Vegas house. After the installation, you may adjust the horizontal slats through a pull cord or wand. There are many techniques for using your blinds to manage exterior light, from raising them to allow the sun to keeping them lowered for the ultimate in privacy.

And different from cheaper aluminum products, your Las Vegas Sunburst’s Wood blinds won't break down easily. With stable slats made from tough hardwood, your slats will keep their sleek contour without bending or breaking. Because your blinds are tailored to your specific window proportions, your blinds will turn in a fluid motion and rise without banging the adjacent trim. Or, if you need blinds for wet or humid areas, choose our faux-wood blinds.

Wood Blinds Warranty

wooden blinds in a large modern living room 

Wood blinds are installed with a 3-year warranty that covers any defects in construction (i.e., a deficiency in the materials, workmanship, or product design) for the original purchaser.

Wood Blinds Specifications

     Slat Width

   2 inch

   2 ½ inch


   Wood - 24 exclusive designer finishes

   Color coordination is available for    wands/cords and tassels.

     Operation System

   Cord tilt

   Wand tilt



  3 ¼ inch Royal Crown valances are            offered.


  Notch or Edge cut-outs are available.

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