Other Uses For Shutters Apart From Covering Windows in Las Vegas

Darik Neilson

If you installed plantation shutters for your window treatments, you know how easy to clean, energy-efficient, and charming they are. But can you guess the other ideas for using shutters -- plantation and otherwise -- that will benefit other sections of your Las Vegas home? 

Innovative homeowners will use shutters beyond just covering windows. If you love plantation shutters, here are a few inspired ideas for other places to install interior shutters in different ways in your house.

Use Shutters To Cover Doors

[Polywood|Plantation|Interior ]211] shutters on a sliding glass door in Las Vegas 
Sure, homeowners install plantation shutters over windows in Las Vegas, but they are also the ideal treatment for all types of doors. Shutters are an attractive covering for sliding doors and french doors and give wonderful light control, privacy, and temperature control. Plantation shutters like our Polywood® shutters are still easy to clean and dependable enough to hold up to your family using the door all day long.
Shutters as a closet door 
Shutters can also be a nice alternative for otherwise drab interior doors. Change out your doors in closets, nooks, or pantries with shutters. The easy-to-use louvers can keep your closet contents out of sight.
Shutters as a room divider for a showroom
Photo courtesy of Room Resolutions

You can also install your shutters as an accordion door in large rooms. You can straighten the panels and louvers when you want to create privacy, filter noise, or block drafts. 

Shutters Can Help With Passthroughs And Cutouts

Wood shutters framing out a cutout between the kitchen and living room 

A cutout or passthrough is an easy way to achieve openness when you have traditional rooms. Ideally, they allow things like food or plates to flow from one room to the next. And they can help create a sense of spaciousness by opening up the room just a bit.

Shutters bring some benefits to your passthrough or cutout. If the passthrough doesn’t have a countertop associated with it, the treatments will frame the cutout as if it was a window. When pots and pans start clattering around in the kitchen, you can just close off the plantation shutters to stifle the offending sound. Closed shutters also signifies that the dinner is over! 

Even More Ways To Use Shutters 

Barn-door shutters outside a flat TV in Las Vegas. 
Once you begin looking at shutters as an all-purpose covering, you should begin finding other uses for shutters. For example, for a hanging flat-screen television, shutters can help hide it from sight when the screen is off. This approach may also apply to other treatments, like barn door shutters. You can even try to put in shutters as doors on a cabinet or bar area. 

If you love your plantation shutters, consult your installer about some alternative uses for shutters in your Las Vegas home. They can help you explore ideas to bring the style of shutters to all areas of your home.

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