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3 Different Sizes Shutters Louvers 

The Best Louver Size for Shutters in Las Vegas

November 13, 2018

We supply no shortage of options concerning plantation shutters in Las Vegas. Personalize your shutters with options in material (wood, faux wood, or reclaimed wood), paints or stains( bright whites, neutrals, or wood stains), and frames (traditional, Craftsman, or other decorative options). Last but not least, you need to choose the optimal louver size for your house.

So what’s the appropriate louver size for your Las Vegas shutters? Let’s examine your options.

Choices For Shutter Louver Sizes from Sunburst Shutters Las Vegas

For our popular shutters, Polywood® and Ovation® wood shutters alike, we make louver size options in 2½ inches, 3½ inches, and 4½ inches. Also consider that some shutter manufacturers will charge a different price for different louver sizes, but Sunburst Shutters Las Vegas won’t!

2 ½ Inch Shutter Louvers

The smallest louver size for shutters we have. Other companies in Las Vegas may sell slightly smaller louvers, even as tiny as 1½ inch or less than an inch. But when you choose the smaller louver, you decrease the attractiveness of shutters, and it can be more difficult to view the outside when they’re apart and they are harder to clean. When you go any smaller than 2½ inches, shutters can also be confused for blinds from the outside, which isn’t what you were going for.

Plantation shutters 

However, 2½ inch louvers have a more traditional, “colonial” look to them. The thinner but still crisp lines of these shutters provide a put together look to your windows, making them excellent for homes built in the Colonial Revival style, or similar constructs like the American Foursquare.

3 ½ Inch Shutter Louvers

3½ inch shutter louvers are the most preferred plantation shutters. While 4½ inches can be a bit large for some Las Vegas homeowners’ needs, and 2½ inches can look tight – this 3½ inch option is the perfect midpoint between the two.

Polywood plantation and couch 

3½ inch louvers are also the most adaptable style for Las Vegas shutters. No matter the window area, if they are circle, arched, or diamond, or any other oddity, the louvers don’t crowd or seem heavy or too small in comparison. This is key if you’re looking to put shutters in multiple rooms in your home. It always looks better when your louver sizes are uniform, so look at 3½ inch louvers to maximize the benefit of your Las Vegas wood shutters.

4 ½ Inch Shutter Louvers

Our widest louvers are sized at 4½ inches. These louvers help our shutters, whether Polywood faux wood shutters or natural hardwood, look eye-catching. They also give you the most unobstructed view when you open them, since there’s even more space between each louver and fewer louvers overall to block the light. Fewer louvers also makes cleaning a breeze, with fewer louvers to dust or clean every so often.

Closeup of White Plantation Shutters 

Which Shutter Louver Size Works best for you?

Essentially your decision will be based on which style works with your windows, and which size of shutter louver complements your current home decor. To get a better illustration, schedule a free in-home consultation with Sunburst Shutters Las Vegas by calling 702-850-6619 or filling out the form below.