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Corner of a cozy nursery with a baby and a mom. White Polywood shutters in the corner window.

Great Nursery Window Treatment Ideas In Las Vegas

September 22, 2022

When you’ve got a child on the way in Las Vegas, your goal is to have every detail of your bundle of joy’s nursery just right -- and that includes the window treatments. But in advance of selecting the right window covering, remember that safety and functionality are important. Infants may pull down curtains or get caught in corded blinds. These options aren’t able to block exterior light and unwanted air flow for optimal sleeping conditions either. Alternatively, choose safety-focused, efficient plantation shutters or cellular window shades as window treatments for your nursery in Las Vegas.

Plantation Shutters Make Your Nursery Stylish, Safe, And Cozy

White Polywood shutters in a large nursery bedroom.

Interior shutters may not be your top option for nursery window treatment ideas in Las Vegas, but they should be! These time-tested window treatments look amazing in every room. Their louvered panels provide an appealing contrast to the soft elements usually associated with a nursery. You might utilize white faux wood Polywood® shutters in nurseries with vibrant or pastel color choices. Wood-stained shutters could be a better option in the event your nursery has more natural pieces or you want to match the present wood trim. And when you change the decor as your loved one gets bigger, your shutters will still be appealing with the area’s refreshed feel.

Plantation shutters utilize a particular construction that makes them perfect for children’s spaces. As an alternative to hanging drapery or pull cords for a baby or toddler to grasp on or get ensnared by, plantation shutters feature rigid panels with adjustable louvers incorporated into a frame that surrounds the window. They also wipe off effortlessly when they get those unavoidable marks from small fingers.

Shutter slats and panels offer several options for adjusting sunlight and privacy in your nursery as well. Swing open the panels for a sun-splashed playroom or secure them and turn the slats toward you to allow a bit of sunshine and angle it to the place where your child is playing. Then close everything to keep out nearly all outside light for whenever it’s sleepy time.

Closed plantation shutters stop drafts too. Air isn’t able to flow through solid wood and faux wood like it will through fabric window treatments. And our 5-star Ovation® and Polywood shutters utilize industry leading manufacturing techniques to diminish gaps where air slips through. Polywood shutters also have weatherstripping that makes them the most energy-efficient nursery window treatments in Las Vegas and makes sure your space stays cozy for a peaceful sleep.

Cellular Shades Offer Energy Efficiency and Color To Nursery Windows

Blackout gray cellular shades in two windows. Displayed inside a baby room. 
In the event you prefer a softer material for your nursery window treatments, choose cellular window shades. These window shades are available in different colors, patterns, and materials for you to select from. You’ll also come across other kinds including top-down/bottom-up shades that give you additional versatility with sunlight and privacy or cord-free shades that your little one can’t become caught up in.

The leading advantage of cellular shades is their ability to save energy. Their composition consists of compact compartments that catch air entering through your windows before it invades the nursery. They aid in keeping the the space at a comfortable temperature and utility costs down.

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