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What Should You Look For In A Quality Plantation Shutter Installation in Las Vegas?

March 10, 2020

You took a long road in choosing your new plantation shutters  to ensure the perfect look. Now all you have left is for these gorgeous treatments to be added to your windows. This undertaking should be performed with care by professionals, or you may risk a visibly substandard installation.

Here’s a few things you should look for in an expert plantation shutter installation in Las Vegas.

An Expert Shutter Installation in Las Vegas Starts with a Quality Shutter

Woman working on building a customer shutter 

For Sunburst Shutters Las Vegas customers, the installation process begins at your in-home consultation, when we take measurements all your windows. This helps us know that every shutter fits tightly against your window. Then, your plantation shutters are custom made at our U.S.-based manufacturing factory, where it takes only a few weeks to finish them. When your treatments are finished, we’ll call to find a time to install your plantation shutters.

What Happens During Your Shutter Installation

Installation day begins with removing your old window treatments before we carefully install your new plantation shutters.

We install the shutter frames first, so we know your shutters are square and level. Then we’ll add the shutter panels and make sure they swing open without scraping. We’ll then try each shutter to verify that the louvers snap shut.

When we’re completed with your plantation shutter installation in Las Vegas, your reps show you each shutter so you can see that everything was installed and behaves properly. When we leave, you’ll have perfect shutters without any gaps, tight panels, or malfunctioning louvers.

Your Plantation Shutter Installation In Las Vegas Should Be Neat And Professional

Two Sunburst Shutters technicians installing plantation shutters 

Your time is valuable, which is why after your plantation shutters come in, we’ll call to set a time for installation that fits your schedule. That’s right, no cable man “between Morning to Night” time frames. 

We also think that our expert installers should behave like a guest in your home. We will always come with everything in tow, clean up after the install, and even wear booties over our shoes so we won’t track in dirty footprints all over your floors. Our objective is to only leave gorgeous plantation shutters on your windows and good impressions of Sunburst Shutters Las Vegas. We’ll even haul away your old stuff with us when we leave!

In a few weeks, we’ll contact you again to check to see if you have any questions and if everything is satisfactory.

Sunburst Shutters Las Vegas Will Help You With Your Plantation Shutter Installation

When you are looking for shutters for your windows in Las Vegas, trust the Las Vegas experts in window treatments and installation. Just call Sunburst Shutters Las Vegas at 702-850-6619 or complete the form below to book a complimentary in-home consultation. Then just sit back and relax as our professional installers do all the work.