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Beige cellular shades over a wide window seat.

Everything About Window Shades Vs Blinds In Las Vegas

August 11, 2022

You’ll definitely see an array window different blinds and shades if you are looking for window treatments for your Las Vegas property. Window shades are fabric window treatments that you pull down over your windows to conceal them. You can also lower window blinds, but they are made of rigid materials with slats that can rotate. Which option makes sense for your house? Explore what you ought to know about window shades vs. blinds in Las Vegas.

The Majority Of Window Blinds Have More Options Than Shades For Directing Exterior Light And Privacy

Gray blinds on a large window next to a couch. 

Both window blinds and shades will cover your windows in Las Vegas, but blinds give you additional mastery over light and privacy. You can pull down blinds to obscure your window. Then twist a wand to adjust the slats for the right amount of light and privacy. Just know that second-rate blinds with warped or broken slats will leave noticeable openings. Superior wood or faux-wood blinds offer a higher degree of control over privacy and sunlight.

Window shades cover your window with a panel of fabric and have a limited ability for providing differing amounts of light and privacy, although sheer and zebra shades have panels that simulate the function of blind slats. Or you could try top-down/bottom-up options that let you reveal the higher reaches of your window for a dose of natural light while keeping your privacy at the bottom.

Made-to-order blinds and shades that fit inside your windows without extra space or overhanging give you the most complete coverage. However, since they don’t surround the framework in the same fashion that other window treatments like plantation shutters do, you may observe sunlight along their edges, particularly if they happen to be knocked into or blown by a wind gust. And while blinds afford a little authority over where sunlight shines and how much, louvered shutters allow even more options for controlling sunlight.

Cellular Shades Give You Energy Efficiency Not Found in Blinds

 Light gray cellular shades on three separate windows in large light wood and beige colored living room. 

Some window coverings are able to provide insulation for your windows and help reduce energy expenses. In the battle of window blinds vs. shades in Las Vegas, shades are the winner in terms of efficiency–namely cellular shades. Blinds, on the other hand, provide little to no insulation because of their thin components and abundance of openings.

Cellular shades get their name from the built-in “cells” that their specialized pleated fabrication forms. Those pleats come together similar to an accordion when you open the shades and capture air coming through your windows as you lower the shades. When ensnaring air from outside, they block it from entering your home and changing the interior temperature. This is great as your HVAC unit doesn’t burn as much energy to keep your Las Vegas home comfortable. Of course, neither blinds nor shades will equal the energy-efficient power of Polywood® shutters with their patented thermal protection.

Window Shades Have More Varieties To Select From

Light gray sheer shades on two large tall windows with a beige and tan styled living room. 

The appearance of your window treatments is equally as critical as what they do. For many homeowners, the battle of window shades vs. blinds in Las Vegas is decided by your specific style. Metal and vinyl blinds come in a wide range of colors but tend to fall apart quickly. Sturdier wood and faux-wood blinds are available in several popular stains or paints and have additional personalization possibilities. Their firm slats and crisp edges look most attractive in your interior.

Window shades bring quite a bit more types of colors, patterns, opacities, styles, and materials. You can pick anything from sheer white roller shades to pleated Roman shades to natural woven fiber shades. It’s simple to find a window shade that matches your unique interior with a wealth of choices at your disposal.

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