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Your Guide To Roman Window Shades In Las Vegas

February 21, 2023

Interior decorating professionals understand that Roman window shades are a popular choice for good reason. Actually, they have always been used as an attractive and contemporary solution for designers seeking a soft shade with unsurpassed adaptability. They are appropriate for various rooms and might be a smart alternative for your interior too. Are you ready to learn why Roman window shades are so in demand in Las Vegas?

What Precisely Are Roman Window Shades?

Tan Roman shades on large windows in a modern living room

How is a Roman window shade different from other window treatments? The answer is the manner in which the shade gathers in perfect folds as it moves up. These window coverings are fabricated of a soft fabric that folds at regular intervals. This gives the shade a neat, uniform look, whether it is let out fully, partially opened, or totally drawn up. They provide an alluring mix of texture and volume while serving as a sharp, more practical alternative to drapes.

Styles For Any Space

White top-down/bottom-up Roman shades in a home office.

This distinguishing fold is paramount to the Roman window shade’s regard in Las Vegas and it comes in a range of styles. Let’s briefly investigate the types of folds:


  • Hobble/Soft Fold: Hobble or soft fold Roman shades are the most well-known style, featuring slight folds that produce a cascading waterfall look.
  • Flat Fold: Flat fold Roman shades are precisely what you might imagine -- a lone, flat section of fabric. This is perfect for drawing attention to a unique pattern or if you would like to incorporate a vibrant complementary color.
  • Batten Front: Battens, also referred to as tunnels, are loops of cloth at the front of the shades. These loops are set at the fold points and can contain things like a slat of wood as a design feature. This tunnel creates an eye-catching look different from other Roman window shades.
  • Batten Back: Batten back integrates these loops of fabric at the window side of the shade. Even though this might suggest that it wouldn’t alter the style much, it promotes a graceful allure that may surprise you!


Choose From Different Methods Of Operation

Dark blue Roman shades on corner windows in a living room.

A huge advantage of choosing a Roman window shade in Las Vegas is the way the cord is handled. In corded models, they are cleverly connected behind the material, concealing it and making them safe for children. You can also find cordless products that allow you to easily push and pull to fold and unravel. Or get motorized shades that have grown in popularity. With the tap of a remote, your shades will shift up or down however you want.

How to Best Use Roman Window Shades in Your Las Vegas Interior

Fabric panels are a common feature of the Roman window shade, affording a great deal of customization. They can also be fabricated to accommodate windows of any size or shape. The fabric can be found in a multitude of materials, giving you a wide range of transparency levels for the privacy and light levels you want. You will also come across a practically endless selection of colors and patterns to blend with your home. Your choice largely determines the final cost.

The fabric causes the shades to be not appropriate for a high-moisture environment such as a bathroom. In these kinds of settings, a Polywood® louvered shutter will be a preferred alternative. In other rooms, the Roman window shade is a perfect window treatment that works with any interior design!

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