Shutters for Las Vegas French Doors

Windows aren’t the only places you can use plantation shutters – french doors make great use of custom shutters as well. If you have patio doors that swing out and you want to cover the glass panes for better lighting or looks, plantation shutters might be your solution. Blend dazzling home fashion with usability when you choose Las Vegas’s best plantation shutters for your french patio doors.

Why are shutters great for french doors?

There are a lot of choices for french door window treatments in Las Vegas. Many Las Vegas homeowners go with blinds, shades, or curtains, but those can have some notable downsides. Nearly any type of blind will swing and rattle against the door anytime it’s opened, and drapes and curtains snag and can have the door shut on them.

Plantation shutters on the other hand don’t have to worry about that. Instead of cluttering up your patio door, shutters are more like part of the door itself, fixed directly onto the frame. It’s more than that, though. Plantation shutters for french doors offer benefits that many homeowners might not know about until they see them. 
French Door Shutters & Light Control

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